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  • Sasha Anand

Books for All: Lifting up lives through literature

Books for All [B4A] provides literature access to those facing adversity, underprivileged neighborhoods, and to communities within Native American reservations. 


Founder Ellie Park on what inspired her to start B4A:

Being a missionary for over 7 years, I have frequently met children and young adults that lack the access to the same resources as I do. I have met children from the Navajo, Hopi, and other Native American tribes that asked for the same books that collected dust in many on the shelves of my friends and family. That is when I began B4A. It was initially founded to deliver books to those without access in many Native American tribes but eventually branched to various foster organizations along with other nonprofits such as Homeward Bound and Swift. 


So far, B4A has accumulated over 3,000 books donated to Arizona Foster Alliance, Homeward Bound, St. Vincent de Paul, Mustang Library, Dilcon Restoration Church(Navajo), and many Hopi children. We gained statewide news attention through ABC15 and have supporters all throughout the country. We are still receiving many donations from book drives set up by over 6 Arizona High Schools including Chaparral, Boulder Creek, Notre Dame, and other organizations such as Mathnasium, local mosques and churches. 


In the future Ellie hopes that B4A is able to continue spreading the love for literature to not only underprivileged neighborhoods and Native American Reservations, but to communities all throughout the globe that may need their support.


A note for B4A supporters from founder Ellie Park:

I just want to include a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the cause so far. We truly could not have brought smiles upon the faces of many many children and even young adults without the help of our supporters. Another thank you to Youth Press for helping us spread awareness and contributing to an environment of difference made by the youth. 

If you would like to support B4A yourself, you can donate books or money through B4A's website

Learn more about B4A through their Instagram @official.b4a


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